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Welcome to the Clatskanie Library District

Oregon Library Passport Program

The Oregon Library Passport Program recognizes that library service ought to mirror the way Oregonians live, work, shop, and play, and reduce barriers to library service. The underlying premise of the Passport Program is that cardholders of legally-established public libraries ought to be able to use other legally-established public libraries. The Passport Program is meant to be an exchange; a library extends service to users of other participating libraries, and vice versa.

 Directory of participating Libraries

If you live outside the city limits but have a library card at an Oregon Library Passport Program member library (your "home library"), you can obtain a Clatskanie Library District card by showing your card from your home library, filling out a library card application, and showing appropriate documentation (photo identification).

Passport card holders at the Clatskanie Library District are limited to 5 items checked out at once and 3 holds at a time & can request Inter Library Loans, paying for one-way postage per item requested. 

If you are not a member of a Passport library, or if you would like full access to the Clatskanie Library District's collections, you can pay for a non-resident card. 

Non-resident cards are $25.00 for a year of access or $10.00 for three months of access.  

If you have a Clatskanie Library District library card, you can get a Passport library card at any participating library in Oregon!

Please contact the library at 503.728.3732 if you have any questions.