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Alley McNeil

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Alley McNeil is so excited to be teaching the Music and Movement Class at the Clatskanie Library! 


     Alley spent her growing up years north of Spokane WA in the little town of Valley. She is the oldest of 12 children and loves being part of a big family. Alley was homeschooled and her parents encouraged her and all of her siblings in music. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 7. Around the age of 15, Alley’s Mom encouraged her to start teaching the neighbor kids. Over the next few years, through word of mouth, Alley got more and more students. 


     At 16, Alley started taking fiddle lessons. She had always loved the sound of a fiddle and was excited to learn a new instrument! Around this same time, her family started performing as a family band at the local fairs, nursing homes, and other events.


     In 2016 when her family moved to Clatskanie, Alley had several private piano and fiddle students and was teaching fiddle classes at a private school. She stayed in the Chewelah area, living as a live-in caregiver and teaching her students. In 2019, she finally moved to join her family in Oregon, saying goodbye to 27 students and so many long time friends. 


     In March of 2022, Alley opened up a handmade consignment store/music studio in Clatskanie and named it Dandelion Wishes. It has been a fun adventure and she has especially enjoyed teaching music again! 


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