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Welcome to the Clatskanie Library District




The Workstations are intended to serve as information resources for the citizens of the Clatskanie Library District and the surrounding area.  Those wishing to use the Internet Workstations may inquire at the front desk.  Use of the Workstations is on-site only.  There is no dial-in access to this workstation.




The Library Board adopted the following policies regarding Internet use in the Clatskanie Library on December 13, 2004.


  1. No more than two people at the terminals at any one time. Both persons must check in at the front desk in advance of use.
  2. The terminals may be reserved for staff use or training at any time.
  3. First time users must read the “Clatskanie Library District Computer and Internet Usage Policy” as well as show identification (Library Card/Driver’s License) and sign a user slip.
  4. Requests for use of the Internet terminal may be made at the front desk no more than 24 hours in advance. Identification (Library Card/Driver’s License) must be shown at time of reservation time.  Reservation requests may be made in person or by calling the Library.  Time is reserved as posted at each computer station.  It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of time remaining. 
  5. Minors must have a signed parental permission slip on file at the front desk. Children under the age of 13 may use the Internet terminals ONLY when an adult is with them.
  6. Parents are responsible for printing costs (10 cents per page for black & white and 25 cents per page for color) for material generated by their child’s use of the Internet. Parents are also responsible for any damage to equipment, software, or connecting wiring.  Unpaid costs or damages may result in the loss of Library privileges.
  7. All persons using the Internet terminals are responsible for printing costs (10 cents per page for black & white and 25 cents per page for color) resulting from the use of the Internet and any damages to equipment, software, or connections resulting from abuse.
  8. The Library staff reserves the right to set the parameters of the software and hardware for the most efficient use by multiple users.
  9. The Library staff is authorized to interrupt and disconnect any Internet session resulting in the generation of pornographic or offensive material or any attempts to willfully damage the Internet Workstations or software.
  10. The Library Internet is to be used as a reference tool only and not for any commercial or business applications.
  11. The Library receives access through a wireless subscription to a local on-line service. We do not provide service to databases that charge by the search or length or access.


Wi-Fi service is available


The Clatskanie Library Board has the right to review, amend and rewrite this Internet Usage Policy as needed.


Policy adopted December 13, 2004

Policy revised March 13, 2007, November 10, 2009, December 14, 2010,  March 19, 2019.