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Welcome to the Clatskanie Library District

Standards for User Conduct


To protect the rights, comfort and safety of patrons and staff, and to protect and preserve the library materials, facilities and property, it is our intention to provide Library users with good service in a pleasant atmosphere.  Therefore, behavior which interferes with another patron’s ability to use the Library for its intended purposes is considered unacceptable.  Examples of such behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in activity in violation of Federal, State or local law.
  • Violating Library policy, such as the Clatskanie Library District Internet Policy and the Policy regarding Unattended Children.
  • Carrying firearms and dangerous weapons of any type (except by law enforcement officers).
  • Verbally, sexually, or physically harassing library patrons or staff.
  • Being under the influence of any controlled substance or intoxicating liquor. Controlled substance is defined in the Oregon Revised Statues.
  • Selling, distributing or consuming any alcoholic beverage and/or illegal drugs.
  • Soliciting or conducting surveys not authorized by the Library.
  • Creating unreasonable noise.
  • Using Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s) such as cell phones, pagers, etc. in a manner that disturbs others.
  • Bringing in food and/or beverages is not allowed.
  • Sleeping in or on library premises.
  • Entering or being in the library barefoot, without a shirt, with offensive body odor, or being otherwise attired so as to be disruptive to the library environment.
  • Bringing animals, other than service animals necessary for disabilities, into the Library, except as authorized by the Library Director.
  • Failing to comply with a reasonable staff directive.
  • Smoking, tobacco products or vaping.


            Library staff will enforce standards in a fair and reasonable manner.  Generally, patrons will be issued verbal warnings for behaviors which interfere with others’ enjoyment of the library.  Patrons who continue to behave inappropriately will be asked to leave the building.  Serious or repeated offenses will be referred to the Library Director and may result in suspension of library privileges. If staff is concerned for the safety of patrons or of themselves, emergency services or 911 will be called and trespass from the premises.



Adopted March 8, 2016